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Electronic Manufacturing

Our electronics business offers a hugely flexible service which is scalable to handle medium to large manufacturing requirements, as well as having the capability to develop prototypes and hand build applications.

Origin have four SMT lines, offering scalable capacity for your needs. We have the capacity to offer 0402 to uBGA placement, variable volumes and fast turnaround, together with an IPC certified engineering team.

Our SMT equipment from industry leaders Philips and Sanyo give us the resources to deliver an efficient and cost effective manufacturing service.

While we continue to specialise in PCB Assembly, the company also provides a strong service offering in several other areas, including:

•    SMT and PTH PCB hand assembly
•    Rework, test and repair
•    Sub assembly and box build
•    Potting
•    Cable harness assembly
•    Mechanical assembly
•    Quality inspection and screening
•    Kitting and pack-out